“Founded in 1986, R&R Lighting has over 27 years of professional experience and In-Field knowledge. Established in Chino, California, R&R lighting is a family owned and operated company, with knowledgable experience, and quality customer service. We serve the greater Los angeles area, including Los Angeles county, San Bernadino county , Orange county, Riverside county, and  the greater San Diego counties. R&R lighting has strived to provide excellent customer service, and provide our customers with a large array of products.We specialize in commercial and industrial lighting, and carry efficient and energy star approved products. All products, ranging from Commercial and Industrial, to Residential, are backed 100% by R&R lighting

Over the years we’ve conducted and approved many different projects, including government projects in several different municipalities, both state and federal. We’ve also executed projects in large manufacturing plants, food processing plants, car dealerships, restaurants, high schools, and colleges. We deal OSHA and FDA approved products, as well as title 24 compliant products. R&R Lighting produces professional lighting layouts for facilities, and industrial/commercial buildings and deals with numerous contractors for such projects. Over the years, R&R Lighting has been a dominant factor in the lighting industry, and is continuing to be a strong presence within the southern california area.”