Solar panel bike lanes inspired by Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”

Solar Panel Bike Lanes           Revealed yesterday on, November 13th, 2014, the solar panel bike lane, inspired by “Starry Night”, pays tribute to the great Vincent van Gogh.  The solar panel bike lane consists of several illuminated units that emit LED light in soft twinkles and glows. The current artist and […]

Energy Savings: Switch to LED lights NOW, to start earning your long term savings

Energy Savings               With so many options for home lighting, people today don’t seem to have the correct knowledge when shopping for LED lighting. The potential energy savings when switching from traditional lighting to LED lighting is enormous, saving most households hundreds of dollars a year. With the many […]

Light color options in LED’s give YOU control of how a room’s ambiance feels.

  When speaking and looking at the ambiance of traditional lightbulbs, its often known they are uneven, emit a heat source, and tend to have some light color spots and shadows. Whether its a room in a home, office in a large building, or a small massage room in a studio, ambiance and the way […]

Electricity eating bacteria. Is this the new Green Bio-fuel that will revolutionize the renewable energy industry?

 Renewable Energy In today’s world, renewable energy projects are a ever growing industry, adapting to both climate change and consumer purchasing.  The days where lightbulbs last four, five, even six years are long behind us with newer LED technologies taking over the renewable energy marketplace. Clean electricity is the goal today, providing homes, businesses, and […]

The LED street lighting revolution has begun!

The LED street lighting revolution has begun! The new smart grid projects are saving upwards of 60% on operating costs, while having the full ability to control light functions remotely. See how some of the largest cities are beginning to switch over and ask us today how we can help you layout plans for a […]

Organic LED’s break the mold on your everyday light fixture, bringing curves and angles you’ve never seen before.

Organic LED’s break the mold on your everyday light fixture. They bring curves and angles like you’ve never seen before. South Korea’s largest chemical company, LG Chemical, has developed an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel which lifespan is almost the equivalent to LED lighting. Compared to traditional LED’s, the organic LED’s have luminous efficacy of 100 lumens […]

Wireless lighting controls: Two Huge companies, SYLVANIA and BELKIN, have partnered up for a groundbreaking development on how we use wireless lighting controls saving both money and energy!

  Wireless lighting controls Energy efficiency is finally beginning to dominant the lighting industry. Bulbs are lasting longer and newer technologies are on the rise as lightbulbs are becoming smarter and interacting with other applications. The new mechanics behind wireless lighting controls are starting to come to market. Two of the largest companies, Sylvania known […]

INTERSTELLAR hits theaters this November!!

INTERSTELLAR is finally coming to theaters! We at R&R Lighting teamed up with Warner Bros. Studios and helped them with their on-set lighting requests as well as stage lighting that gave this movie a futuristic and sleek look. Check out the trailer for interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan and featuring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. […]

Our #1 manufacturer SYLVANIA earns outstanding honors for design excellence of 7 new SSL bulbs.

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Kobe Bryant helps unveil the new LED basketball court overseas in China.

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